Rides : Elles peuvent enfin être éliminées naturellement !

Wrinkles: They can finally be eliminated naturally!

The anti-aging solution you've been looking for is finally here!

It is true that in recent years, we have seen many anti-aging products appear on the market. Indeed, cosmetic brands have launched into the development of products based on hyaluronic acid and botox .

These products are not all equal: many of them aim to add products or molecules external to the skin into it to force it to fill in wrinkles , which we do not recommend!

THE solution we have developed has a major difference with all the products we can find on the market. Indeed, during its development, Line Refine had a very clear objective : NO CHEMICAL PRODUCT.

The result AND the health of our clients are our number 1 objectives, and this is how we found a compromise: the forehead patch .

The forehead patch is a medical silicone patch: this material is certified by the European Union as being completely healthy for the skin, because it is used in dermatological and hospital environments.

Medical silicone has the ability to retain moisture in the skin, this ability is exceptional because it does not require adding chemical molecules to the skin such as aluminum salts, which many anti-aging products contain. .

The hydration that medical silicone retains under the skin allows it to synthesize collagen in the inner layers of the skin, called the dermis.

And guess what: Collagen is the basis of the skin's structure, it's what can eliminate wrinkles , and if it's produced naturally by our skin, it's much better for your health!


The skin is a fragile organ , and it must be taken care of, so treat your wrinkles in a gentle and natural way with our patch specially designed for the forehead!

Manual :

  • Peel the patch from its protective plastic sheet.
  • Place the patch on the area provided for this purpose, pressing with your fingers to remove air bubbles.
  • Keep the patch on for 2 hours, preferably overnight.
  • Remove the patch then place it back on the plastic protective sheet when you want.
  • Start again when you feel the need.

If you want to clean the patch, you can wash it with tap water. Please let it dry naturally, sticky side up, then place the patch back on the plastic protective sheet once dry.

All our products are manufactured in our factory in Hong Kong by our company Concord Medical Ltd


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