Anti-âge : l'innovation au service du bien être

Anti-aging: innovation in the service of well-being

After the arrival of Korean paper masks, here is the time for Hong Kong anti-aging silicone patches!

You have probably already come across them: anti-aging patches are becoming more and more popular with European customers.

It must be said that they are shaking up the anti-aging cosmetics sector, with an ingenious dermatological system.

The patches actually contain... no active ingredient.

What ? No active ingredient?

And yes, this is what differentiates silicone patches from other products on the market: the patches work in a 100% natural way, it is in fact the skin itself that does all the work.

The patch covers the skin, which keeps all the hydration of the skin under the covered area.

A microclimate is therefore created between the skin and the patch, very humid, and perfectly suited to stimulating fibroblasts .

Fibroblasts are the glands that create collagen, and we all know it: collagen is the foundation of smooth, youthful skin.

Here is a small diagram showing how a silicone patch works:

But concretely, what are the advantages of a patch compared to an anti-aging cream?

1) Efficacy and dermatology

Our patches are effective from 2 hours of use, but we recommend using them overnight, which allows for better results. Dermatology is the basis of our products: our experts have worked and done a lot of research, in collaboration with a German and American laboratory, as well as the University of Hong Kong.

2) Reusable Patches
The patches are made of medical silicone, so they are of course reusable, up to 20 times. By using the patch daily, you will be able to eliminate and smooth your skin in the long term, and maintain young and healthy skin during the life of the patch.

3) No chemicals

Unlike creams, patches do not risk damaging your skin with products that are not always natural or healthy for your health.

Our patches only contain medical silicone, that is to say certified silicone, the same as that used in the hospital and surgical sector.

4) Safety and health

Our patches have been tested by international laboratories, notably that of Dermatest in Germany, but also in Hong Kong and the United States. Our patches sold more than 100,000 copies in 2019, and we obtained the highest international certifications.

Regarding use, we advise you to wash your face with water, stick the patch on the area to be treated following the shape of the patches .

So, do you want to go further?

We have chosen the patches that are most successful with our customers, here they are:

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