[Anti rides] : Traitement contre le stress oxydatif de la peau

[Anti wrinkles]: Treatment against oxidative stress of the skin

The appearance of wrinkles is a natural phenomenon caused by 2 types of factors:

- Aging of cells
- Oxidative stress

In the first case, the rate at which sebaceous cells reproduce decreases, from the age of 25. This process is genetically programmed, and completely natural.

In the second case of oxidative stress, skin cells deteriorate due to the external environment. Skin cells can resist oxidative stress at some point, but when oxidative stress becomes greater than the production capacity of skin cells, then they decrease in number.

This skin aging can cause wrinkles to appear, in the first case which are natural, in the second case which are more or less artificial.

For example, exposure to the sun causes significant oxidative stress on the skin, which promotes the appearance of wrinkles at younger ages in women. Tobacco, air pollution, stress, lack of hydration, and lack of sunlight are aggravating factors in skin oxidative stress.

At Line Refine, we wanted to create a natural solution to stop the progression of wrinkles and erase them over time.

As we do not use active ingredients or chemicals in the patch, the anti-wrinkle result is not instantaneous like with a cream. A cream “hides” wrinkles, but does not erase them and does not treat the problem in depth: revitalizing the skin in the face of oxidative stress.

How do Line Refine patches work?

The principle of the patch is to completely cover the skin, so that it is completely isolated from the outside world during the duration of use, which must be at least 2 hours but preferably at night.

The skin being completely isolated, it finds itself in permanent contact with its own humidity: this creates a microclimate very favorable to the hydration of the inner layers of the skin, which reactivates the production of collagen.

Collagen helps fill wrinkles naturally and smooth them. Besides, the patches also work very well on scars.

The anti-aging effect is therefore completely natural, it does not use any active ingredient or chemical product that could attack your skin, or contain endocrine disruptors.
We have created several anti-aging patches, all with a shape adapted to women's faces. We have also created patches for the body, such as to smooth wrinkles on the neckline, or to smooth stretch marks on the stomach.

To find out more about the patches, I invite you to look at the product and study their shape.

Our most consumed product and the “dark circles and smile” pack which aims to smooth dark circles and marks left by smiling on the sides of the mouth over the years.

It is important to take care of your skin and think about the appearance of wrinkles even when you are young, because oxidative stress will be present in your life, but this is not inevitable: you just need to take care of your skin with natural methods so as not to further attack it with external products which the cosmetic industry uses to give the illusion of a very rapid anti-aging effect, which unfortunately does not address the problem in depth at all.

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