Les massages anti-rides  : efficaces ou intox ?

Anti-wrinkle massages: effective or fake?

How do facial massages help us fight wrinkles?

Today, focus on natural care techniques other than silicone patches and facial massages.

There are many facial muscles, and these shape the shape of the face.

However, we don't exercise our facial muscles the way we exercise those in our arms and legs.

And do you know what happens if we don't exercise a muscle?

well it softens, and this is precisely where the massages come into play.

Facial massages aim to stimulate the facial muscles.

By this stimulation, the muscles are toned, which allows the skin to tighten, and therefore fades wrinkles.

But massages also help distribute the hydration of the skin, which is very often poorly distributed in the face.

As said in other articles , our skin needs a lot of water. It is an organ like any other, which protects us from the outside world!

You must therefore take care of it and hydrate the skin well.

Massages can help hydrate the skin, by distributing the water contained in it to all areas.

Massages also have relaxing properties, and we know that stress is an aggravating factor in aging.

It's pleasant, effective, and natural, all the reasons are good to start massages, to be done yourself or by professionals.

A few more tips!

In addition to massages, we advise you to hydrate well, so that the humidity level of your skin is high, and that you can distribute it throughout your face.

In addition, we advise you to protect yourself from the sun, in order to always keep sufficient moisture in your skin, and not to damage it with the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Finally, we advise you to apply a Line Refine patch at night, so that the hydration works for you when you sleep, increasing your collagen production.

Thus, you multiply the anti-aging effects without using chemicals or surgery, and you will feel a clear difference on your face, you will see!

For more information on facial massages, we invite you to visit this article from Temana: https://temana.fr/comment-faire-massage-kobido/

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