Patch en silicone naturel : Comment ca marche ?

Natural silicone patch: How does it work?

Patches made from natural medical silicone are patches that will create a hydrating microclimate by keeping the skin hydrated under the patch. This microclimate will then increase and promote the production of collagen, so that you find smooth and youthful skin! Patches that are not made with medical silicone do not create a microclimate and therefore will not smooth your skin .
Here is a simple diagram of how Linerefine patches work.
Our patches work by covering the skin , and blocking the moisture that escapes.

The skin can thus rehydrate itself and increase collagen production .

We offer different patches , each of which is used on a specific area , in order to optimize the smoothing effect , and combat your wrinkles with the most effectiveness on a daily basis.
Please note : Linerefine patches work naturally and do not contain any active ingredients that could damage your skin like certain serums or creams.
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