Pourquoi se protéger du soleil ?

Why protect yourself from the sun?

It is often said that the sun is dangerous for our skin, especially for the skin. But we must remember that the sun is above all essential to our health and our beauty.

Indeed, the sun helps us synthesize vitamin D, it stimulates the production of melanin (which makes us tan!), melanin which is our natural defense against UV damage.

Also, the sun helps us increase our production of melatonin , a hormone which is responsible for the sun, and which regulates our biological clock.

But beware ! Prolonged exposure, or without sun protection, puts our skin at risk.

The more we expose ourselves to the sun without protection, the more we risk developing wrinkles, because of its oxidizing effect, and because of drying out of the skin.

The sun is also responsible for the majority of skin cancers, which can develop due to prolonged exposure over several years.

How does the sun age the skin?

The sun emits 2 types of ultraviolet rays: UVA and UVB .

UVA rays are the most dangerous because they are the most numerous. They cause the formation of free radicals , which are molecules that break away from others due to the oxidizing effect, and which will damage the collagen in the skin. The skin therefore loses firmness, and wrinkles appear because of these rays. In the long term, UVA rays cause mutations in the DNA : this is how skin cancers unfortunately develop.

How to avoid the appearance of wrinkles linked to sun exposure?

There are no 36 solutions: sun protection!

Other than sun protection, night treatments can be applied to the skin, such as Line Refine patches , in order to re-boost collagen production, and firm the skin to stop the appearance of wrinkles.

Use Line Refine patches at night, for at least 2 hours for optimal effect. The patches do not contain chemicals , only the mechanical action allows the patch to firm the skin. !

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