Les crèmes anti-âge sont-elles réellement efficaces ?

Are anti-aging creams really effective?

According to a survey carried out by Shiseido, women define beautiful skin by the following qualities: lively, rested and firm.

These qualities are the visual qualities that young skin has, in other words, beautiful skin is youthful-looking skin .

Customers' goals when buying an anti-aging cream is the anti-wrinkle effect. Creams are considered to have acquired this effect, but it is not necessarily the best today, as techniques for dealing with the signs of aging have changed in recent years .

This is also what Shiseido has demonstrated: the brain reactions that occur when using a cream you like evolve over time in the same way as those of those who establish a relationship.

Nathalie Broussard, director of science communications at Shiseido EMEA, says that if a cosmetic product is not pleasant to use, it will not work with customers.

"Perception is the key. Cosmetics are not only technology, but they are also a texture, an aroma, etc. Using it should be a moment of pleasure"

This is why Line Refine has developed medical silicone patches . These patches are very easy to use , and are not felt, because the texture of the medical silicone is very close to that of the skin.

In addition, these patches are very effective: they use a unique process, which consists of maintaining moisture in the skin: the patches will rehydrate the skin , which increases the production of collagen and therefore allows the skin to regenerate naturally , to smooth it.

In addition, the patches are reusable up to 20 times , which allows you to treat the skin over the long term, and get it used to regenerating over a long period of time.

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