How to eliminate wrinkles easily and naturally?

The fight against the signs of aging, even the first ones, must be a daily battle!

Did you know that from the age of 24, we all lose almost 6% of our collagen production capacity, PER YEAR.

At the first signs, it is therefore imperative to start preparing.

To effectively combat the appearance and development of wrinkles, we have one objective: Increase our collagen production.

We must therefore take care of our skin:

- Do not expose it too much to the sun without sun protection

- Consume fresh fruit regularly

- Do facial massages, to distribute the hydration of our face.

These little tips aim to keep a high level of hydration in the skin, because hydration is responsible for activating and maintaining collagen production.

Hydrating the skin is essential to protect against the appearance and development of wrinkles. The more deeply the skin is hydrated , the greater the production of collagen , and the more your natural protection against the signs of aging will also be!

This is why we offer you an alternative to all the products you will find on the market: Line Refine offers medical silicone patches, which is a material used in hospital and surgical environments.

Its safety has long been proven!

When the patches are placed on the skin, it locks in and maintains its hydration, which after 2 hours, deeply rehydrates the skin.

And, as we said earlier in this article, hydration is responsible for activating and maintaining collagen production.

Thus, the simple act of placing our patches on your skin helps boost the production of collagen , which will stop and then reverse the process of the appearance of wrinkles.


There are different types of patches, for different needs:

- Forehead and frown lines

- Wrinkles around the outside of the eyes (crow's feet)

- Eye contour (dark circles) & lips

- Neck

We guarantee you total satisfaction and rapid results for the treatment of your wrinkles, without any added product!

All of its patches are contained in our PREMIUM* Face PACK , currently on sale!

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